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Smash Party VR

Viacom NEXT
Roles: Design Lead, 3D Artist
Available on Steam

Smash Party is an intense, hilarious new Virtual Reality party game developed by Viacom NEXT and Titmouse for the HTC Vive. The free Smash Party game is bringing Titmouse’s infamous Smash Party to homes across the world, where people can safely satisfy their innate desire for destruction. In Smash Party, players can smash a variety of familiar objects from toilets to plates to televisions, surrounded by a virtual crowd cheering their every move. Compete with your friends for bragging rights to see who can cause the most property damage and climb the High Score charts.

Warning: Without proper precaution, Virtual Smash Party can easily become a real Smash Party. Before playing, please make sure that you have cleared your space of anything breakable.

As Design Lead, I designed all interaction systems, including UI, weapon feel, player story, and game systems. I also carefully optimized each round's ergonomics and environment feel against a variety of metrics: challenge, point value, and novelty. I then carefully balanced rounds for randomization using spreadsheet tools to ensure an optimal interest curve for each playthrough.

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