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Tray Table VR Jam

48h Game Jam
Roles: Host, Organizer
2020 Jam Submissions on

The #TrayTableJam aims to be the place for Teeny Tiny VR Games perfect for Row 27 Seat E.


Inspired by  Daniel Beauchamp (aka @pushmatrix)'s viral tweet, the Tray Table VR Jam aims to bring out all the creativity you can fit in your carry-on.


After seeing Beauchamp's amazing concepts, I realized there's a need in the VR space for games that can be played in small spaces. The barrier to entry for so many VR experiences is the size of space you have, and your ability to move in the way the game demands. This ends up unintentionally leaving out those who are disadvantaged by mobility constraints. As the Tray Table Jam continues to grow, I hope that it will inspire more and more amazing ideas that broaden the narrow scope of accessibility in VR.

For 2020, I chose the loosely airline-inspired theme "gate." For my entry, I made a game called Slip-n-Slalom. By tilting and pulling the Oculus Touch controllers like ski poles, the player controls a tiny skier through the gates down a never ending, procedurally generated slalom course!

You can watch gameplay footage below and download it here!

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