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The Melody of Dust

Roles: Designer, 3D artist

A door to an abandoned temple. A whispering column of wind. Are objects really singing as they move through the air, or is it just your weary, fatigued mind manifesting a melody from idle pieces of luxury littered around your bedroom? From Viacom NEXT and musician Hot Sugar comes a Virtual Reality experience where you move between worlds to layer melodies in a hungry tornado; seeking in part, to unlock a song that has been eluding you your whole life.

As a designer and artist, I was deeply involved in capturing electronic artist Hot Sugar’s signature aesthetic and balancing that with the design of a comfortable and ergonomic environment, conducive to the seamless understanding of first time VR users. I whiteboxed multiple level designs and key game objects in order to capture the eeriness that would be familiar to Hot Sugar's devoted fans.




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