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Seven Hells

Board Game Prototype
Timeframe: 4 weeks

SEE YOU IN HELL - Seven Hells lets you and your friends race to the seventh circle of hell. The path ahead is full of deciept, sin and sacrifice. Will you follow the sacrificial rites, or will you attack and seduce your way down?Twist fate using nothing but the uniquely dynamic tabletop board and a double deck of standard playing cards!

When struggling with the initial concept of this game, I caught a clip of Game of Thrones where a character exclaims, “Seven Hells!” Something about it stuck with me, partially imagery, but partially it was just fun to say. Then cropped up the idea for a board of 7 spinning concentric circles, and “descending” became a verb to focus on. When I was struggling to figure out what the action would be, someone at GDC handed me a promotional deck of cards, and I started to wonder if it would be fun to play a card game to control pieces on a board. It was the best idea I had, so instead of questioning it, I ran with it. With the cards and the board artificially locked, the other verbs of the game came more naturally. Sacrifices and lost souls just seemed to make sense, so I ran with it because it was all I could come up with.


It shook out alright in the end.

See the evolution of the rules and gameboard here.

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