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Transformers: Cade's Junkyard

Viacom NEXT
Role: Design Lead
Available on the App Store

Use augmented reality to play with Bumblebee the Transformer inside your home. Transform into a car, draw a path to drive, build up your own junkyard, then destroy it all! 

  • Transformers: Cade’s Junkyard is powered by the magic of Apple’s ARkit technology

  • Scan anywhere that has a flat surface to place the autoshop from Transformers: The Last Knight

  • Watch Bumblebee jump right into your room. Move closer to see his details in 360 degrees

  • Transform into a car and drive by dragging your finger across the screen to choose your path 

  •  Watch Bumblebee flex his bot-muscles by tapping anywhere for him to attack

  • Build up your junkyard with over 10 different placeable and destroyable objects

  • Use the built in camera mode to capture your best moments to share with your friends

On Transformers, my role as Design Lead had me overseeing a majority of the project, from beginning to end. After initial exploratory prototypes led to a successful pitch, my primary role was to improve each experience by examining key features and addressing problems using a variety of rapid and iterative design strategies. I worked with our small team of engineers and artists to plan for and run playtests, frame problem statements from playtest themes to allow the team to evaluate competing ideas for improvement, involve all disciplines' expertise to create iteration plans, and develop state machines and other artifacts to help guide implementation of the next iteration.

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